Our goal is to help you assess your current financial situation and present a financial plan with both short and long-term financial goals. As a full service accounting firm, we also provide other services that complement our financial planning so you can have a comprehensive management plan for your assets. We want you to do what you love while we take care of the rest.

Our business management services will help clients with their financial planning decisions such as retirement, education, taxes, investments, and insurance, among others.

Our services include:

  • Accounting and Reporting - including preparation and maintenance of your accounting records with in-house capabilities on a recurring basis.
  • Bill Payment - We organize and take charge of your monthly basic living expenses such as:
    - Utilities
    - Telephone/Internet
    - Agent Fees
    - Rent
    - Mortgages
    - Credit Cards
    - Insurance
    - Others
  • Monthly Expense Report and Budgeting - we will prepare monthly expenses reports and help clients in the preparation of a monthly budget.
  • Check Registers and Bank Reconciliations - reports of every expense made with checks and calculation of remaining budget.
  • Income Taxes - we will analyze every tax issue that could affect your finances. We also implement tax strategies that will help you minimize tax impact. We also prepare and file U.S., State and other jurisdiction tax returns.
  • Savings Plan - we help you prepare a comprehensive savings plan and help you throughout your career to achieve that plan.
  • Investment Analysis - including Investment Accounts Analysis, Investment Accounts Movement Report (Bought/Sold), Investment Return Analysis, and Savings Plan Analysis (40-40-20), among other services.
  • Insurance - our insurance professionals will recommend insurance solutions that will help you stay protected when you need it the most. Our insurance advisory includes: personal, business, health, life, property and liability insurance.
  • Estate Planning - our estate planning advisors will provide proper estate planning advice that suits your needs. Wills and trusts are amongst the most popular estate planning tools we can help you set up.


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