Keeping a balance between your personal and work-related responsibilities can become overwhelming. We understand the limitations associated with your lifestyle, which is why we have created a concierge service to help you finish any errand you need to take care of. Our concierge specialist provides you with solutions and lifestyle management to every daily situation you may have.

Our specialists can help you with:

  • Travel, Hotel and Car Reservations - we make arrangements for airline tickets, car rental, hotel or resort bookings, destination information and reward points management.
  • Restaurants and Events Reservations - we book and/or make restaurant reservations and buy tickets for concerts, events, cultural activities, among other things. We also send you a reminder for each event.
  • Private Driver Reservation - to move you from place to place on time.
  • Bill Payment - we handle all bill payments on a timely and efficient manner.
  • Utilities Set Up – getting a new home or business property? We help you arrange the installation of water, energy, gas, cable, internet and other services needed.
  • Property Management - we help you find, sell, buy and rent a property.
  • Banking Services - we take care of all your banking transactions.
  • Errand Services - need something picked up ? We'll help you.
  • Requests - our concierge services are not limited to what’s listed above. We can help you with specific requests, too.


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